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Digimon Game walkthrough


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Digimon World Walkthrough
By: Alpha Avihowl

I put together this walkthrough from advice I got from members of the Message Board and my own experience in the game.  Amazingly it only took me a week and a half to figure out most of the game.  I'll continue to send you updates of this.


When you first enter the game a short grandpa looking guy named Jijimon will ask you a few questions

Do you have a Digivice; Yes= Agumon

If you hit no' he will ask you if you have friends;

If you hit yes' on the first question he will ask you ifyou like Day or
Night; Day=Agumon


After answering Jijimon's questions, you will wake up in front of a building that looks like a broken trunk with a giant tuna fish can attached to it, surrounded by a circle of Digimon and your partner. Jijimon will explain what is going on and you will set out on your adventure, you should talk to Tokomon because he will give you enough items to start out and Tanemon who I just
north of Jijimon's house, she will give you meat to feed your Digimon.   

The first place you should go is Green Gym, you can train your Digimon here until he/she is strong enough, you should also have your partner rest with Punimon in Jijimon's house every six training sessions (every time you have it exercise).

After a day you should walk south from Green Gym into theNative Forest. An Agumon will run up to you and attack you, defeat him and he will join the city as the Item Keeper. In the Native Forest you find many weak rookie Digimon who you can battle, try battling at least 6 unless you want a Tyranamon.

Head east after Agumon, then south twice and you'll meet Palmon pretending to be a flower to avoid the fight, talk to her three timesand she will attack you.  Palmon isgoing to be a difficult battle if your stats aren't high enough or you don't have a champion yet, but if you win it's worth it, she will upgrade the meat farm that Tanemon owns and will give you three giant
meat a day and sometimes five.

Go to the screen left of where you found Palmon and then up,y ou'll see a caterpillar like Digimon named Kunemon. Feed him something (Doesn't matter what) and he will fight you. Beat him and he will join the city, he'll chew an opening to the Digimon Bridge from File City.

Talk to Tsunomon in the File City Square (the screen southof Jijimon's house), he will tell you about a rare Digimon that appears at Coela Point in the evening. Go to Coela point, if you see a shadow walk up tot he bank, a Coelamon will surface and if you say yes we've been looking allover' he'll help you across the water. Go to the Digimon Bridge and it will be fixed. Return to Coela Point once more and Coelamon will join the city selling items.


In the screen left of where you encountered Agumon you will see a small passage, go into it and you will find the entrance to Drill Tunnel. When you enter you will see a Goburimon, he will only attack you if you bumpinto him, head down into the next screen and you will see three more Goburimon and three other tunnels.  Go into the left tunnel, which will bring you to a Drimogimon who is going nuts from the heat, talk to him and he will fight you.

After you beat him go back into the room with the three Goburimon and into the tunnel on the right. This will bring you to anunderground pond. Another Drimogimon is digging here. Talk to this one and he will hire you to carry out dirt, paying you 500 bits for each round trip.

When you finish carrying out the large pile of dirt near him (Or wait a day or two) he will have finished the tunnel. Go into the tunnel and he will be sitting next to a large boulder. Talk to him and your partner will move the boulder. Behind is a lava flow and a path. Go in and follow the path, it will lead you to Meramon. Fight him and win; he will build the restaurant in File City where you can buy food that raises your partner's stats and happiness. After winning the lava flow will stiffen, which means you can walk on it. If you do you will find the Drimogimon you carried the dirt for. Talk to him and he will dig another tunnel that will give you a clear passage to the Gear Savanna.


When you enter the Tropical Jungle (from the bridge), taketwo rights and enter the marshlands. When you go into the first screen head up and you will meet a Betamon, speak with him and he will join the city without a struggle.  

Go back down and turn right.  You should encounter Yanmamon and Muchomon patrolling the area by day, or Junglemojyamon and Tsukaimon at night. Head up again and you will enter the Amida Forest, guarded by Centarumon who will try to shoot you and cut your HP in half the first time, then down to1 the second.  To avoid being shot take this route: go up the path furthest right then you will see an opening, go up the center path, the next opening go up the furthest left, at the last opening you will see three paths.  Two lead toan X and one leads to an O.  You want to reach the O, so if the O is in the middle, you're in luck, if it's in the left you're in less, if in the right you're don't have a chance.  The middle path will keep you from being hit, the left will hit you once, but if you go straight up after that you won't be hit again, and if in the right you should just go up the middle and start over because you will be transported right back to the beginning if you hit an X and the marks will be reset.  When you reach the O, Centarumon will come out and join the city without a fight.

After you recruit Centarumon you will be able to enter the Ancient Dino Region.  The first Digimon you meet will be Tyrannomon; you must battle him and win.  Once you do, he will tell you about the two time zones, the Glacial Time Zone where they live, and the Speedy Time Zone, which is self-explanatory.  Go throughthe Glacial Zone and into the Speedy Time Zone,
Tyrannomon will try to stop you, say that a meteor fell there, you want to get by and he asks what he should do, you say will you please help us' and he'll let you through (note; there is a toilet in the screen where you fought Tyrannomon, make sure your Digimon partner uses it before entering the Speedy Zone.  In the first screen of the Speedy Zone you see three Digimon guarding paths, the one straight ahead is the real road.  Right in the middle of this path is either a Gotsumon at night, or a Sabredramon in the day.  To get by it without a battle go to it's right side, these guy scan only turn left and you will pass with no problem.  In this screen you take a trail that has a roof of a rib cage, when here stick to the left side and go forward, you'll find a
secretarea.  In this new area you'll find two Digimon guarding another path (common theme in this game) go up that path ifyou can avoid those guys and you'll see a big rock, go up to it and crack it,it will wake up as Meteormon.  Battle him and he'll leave.  Go back to the Tyrannomon and tell him what happened, Master Tyrannomon should appear and make him join the city.  After
this go back to the place you met Meteormon and you might see a Nanimon. After Nanimon you won't have much reason to return to the Dino Region.

Digimon World Tips and Tricks

Get Seadramon- To get the Blue and get Seadramon to join the city you need to go to the south entrance of Dragon Eye Lake after you beat the game. He appears usually when the sun is setting but sometimes in the morning if he does not appear just leave the screen and come back when he does appear (you can tell there is a
long shadow in the middle of the lake) use meat as your bait. (it takes about 5 min. to reel him in when you get him ask to be friends and he will take you to beetle land.

Get Skullgreymon- To get Skullgreymon to join the city you have to have an ultimate virus type Digimon to open the door on the right when you enter Grey Lords Mansion.


Digimon World

Main Objective: return the island to safety and have Digimon return to the city. Raise Digimon to the highest Level : Ultimate

Perks: Use Items to digivolve your Digimon, 3 secret Megas

Nonpros: They have to poop, eat, and sleep and die. Half the time your Digimon will digivolve to Numemon or Sukumon

Hint: You battle Machinedramon twice. Second time you must have all stats at 999 or in the case of HP and MP 9999 so if you're real lazy use game shark for second time and then go to gray lords mansion and when your about to enter you are suck to the back dimension where you find the ray gun (Digivolve to Vademon) keep going and then you will battle Machinedramon in the place you find Mystoismon. Good Luck

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

Good luck Gaming Digifans
Your Cool Digimon Friend

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